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Recruiting / Headhunting

We understand what you’re looking for. That hard to find Rails developer with experience working in start-ups. Or that business analyst who understands the credit default swaps market. We make it our business to find the impact players our clients are looking for.

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Contract Staffing

We know the best contractors in the industry and we can bring them your project. Our process is always streamlined to suit your needs. We only work with top professionals with great communication skills and several years of work experience in the United States. Our rates are reasonable and we are flexible on right to hire clauses. Our clients come to us first for a reason.

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Value-Added Services

We provide assessment testing, pre-employment background checks, relocation assistance, salary surveys and evaluation services.

Looking for the best talent to help you grow your business?

Tephra is a provider of IT & retail staffing services. We are located in Woodbridge, NJ and have been providing services nationwide for over 19 years. Our mission is to deliver intelligent and effective solutions that bring unparalleled value to our clients.

Tephra has established an international reputation as one of the premier recruitment service providers. We guarantee client satisfaction through our quality services and commitment to excellence. We are a results-oriented firm with one goal - to satisfy our client's requirements efficiently, confidentially, and successfully.

Our firm provides a range of services to meet the specific needs of each individual client. Whether you are a start up venture or a multinational corporation we can deliver the executive talent and IT core you require in accordance to the location and time frame specified by you.

Our staff, who are tenured experts in their field of specialization, including IT, are prepared to handle any request. In today's market, a strong Information Technology core is essential to any business. Everyday, we strive to bring an unparalleled value to our clients and our candidates. All members of the staff are dedicated to our goal of providing the highest level of service quality. We feel deeply that a thorough knowledge of the market and our keen insight in the industries creates value to our clients.

Let us help you find the perfect job for you.