Automated Data Entry

Automated Data Entry

If you’re doing data entry manually in any way, we can automate it! Our exclusive next generation technology is far more accurate than any OCR based solutions on the market today. It utilizes artificial intelligence, heuristics modeling, and computer vision to achieve human level accuracy on any type of printed text – whether it’s a supermarket flyer or a business invoice. Let us show you how to cut data entry and validation costs by well over 50% and save time in the process.

The MapOptis Image Analytics Engine is a Content Based Information Retrieval technology which uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to extract data from images and forms based on user defined business rules / guidelines.


  • Content based object retrieval
  • Easy to learn &use graphical user interface
  • Engine learns and improves its accuracy over time
  • Extracted data can then be sent to any format including XML, CSV, and TXT
  • Outsource or insource – your choice
  • No long term commitments – pay per image
  • Get started quickly – implementation takes 8-12 weeks
  • Unlimited volume scaling
  • Works with multiple languages


  • Retail – Advertisements, coupons, flyers
  • Education – Application forms, answer keys
  • Construction – Diagrams, layouts, etc.
  • Finance – Purchase orders, invoices, checks, transaction logs, etc.
  • Energy – Electricity bills


  • Reduce headcount by as much as 80%
  • Increase speed – 300,000 images/day
  • Increase accuracy – 94-100% depending on type of text
  • Automate error checking on line items in documents such as invoices

It’s Green! – fewer people doing data entry means fewer computers