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Little Rock Breaks Up With Amazon Like We Broke Up With Our High School Boyfriends and Girlfriends

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 18:22

Little Rock, Arkansas, says it doesn’t want Amazon’s new headquarters — and does so in a breakup video (embedded below) telling Amazon it’s smart, sexy, rich, and has a lot going for it. “You’ll find what you’re looking for, but it’s just not us,” Little Rock says in the spot.

5 Steps to Selecting a High Value Predictive Workforce Project

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 12:15

Note: KPIs, analytics, predictive analytics — we tend to use these terms interchangeably, but they’re not. They overlap, but progressively more skill is needed as you move along the analytics continuum. If you are thinking of a first analytics project, the best advice is to keep it simple and manageable. Once you have some experience and you’re ready to step up choose something small, yet likely to have an impact. The following article will help you decide what problem to tackle that will make a difference — beyond just HR. 

How to Get Your CEO to Be An Engagement Hero

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 10:30

I recently attended a conference devoted entirely to employee engagement. It was a well-planned event, with thoughtful presentations and meaningful insights. My colleagues were looking for ways to drive employee engagement, along with techniques to build an exceptional employee experience. My hat goes off to them; they are all striving to make work a better place for everyone.

Out with The Old, In with The New. Creating Compelling Job Descriptions

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 09:00

About six months ago, I moved to Colorado from Tennessee. It was quite the whirlwind after selling the house in the time it took to fly to Ireland – a trip that had been planned much longer than moving in the first place. The trouble with my timing was that upon arriving home from a week overseas, I had two weeks to pack a four-bedroom house into a 6×11 trailer room. Most of the rooms were half empty anyway, how hard could it be?

Court Says Accommodation May Be Required After Giving Birth

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 08:35

A federal court just sent a warning shot to bosses: the effects of pregnancy don’t end at birth.

Recruiting Candidates in Europe? Familiarize Yourself with the Updated GDPR Requirements

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 07:59

If you’re recruiting candidates in Europe, you have until May 25, 2018, to familiarize yourself with and prepare a strategy for tackling coming changes to GDPR — planning and implementing solutions for complying with the requirements of the regulation. Otherwise, you could face potential non-compliance issues that could come as a result of not following the requirements.

Beware of Requests for User Experience Unicorns

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 07:52

My passion for the past two decades has been user experience, or UX. UX work is all about the connection between users/customers and the overall experience that those people have with the products that the company produces (and often even the company itself).

Great Managers Coach By Holding Up A Mirror

Thu, 10/19/2017 - 12:40

It’s no secret that the feedback we share with others fails to bring about positive and lasting change. By some estimates, people ignore our feedback nearly 70% of the time. There are lots of reasons why – it’s not specifictoo infrequent, and tinged with rater bias.

The 2017 State of Sourcing Survey – The Persona

Thu, 10/19/2017 - 11:00

Each year, hundreds of sourcers participate in SourceCon’s annual State of Sourcing Survey. This survey helps us take a look at patterns, trends and the technology that sourcers are using throughout their day. This year, nearly 600 sourcers and sourcing leaders completed the survey.

With Women’s Employment Slowing, Employers Need to Do More

Thu, 10/19/2017 - 10:50

An opinion piece in The New York Times a few weeks ago really jolted me.

8 Reasons We Are Not Happy at Work

Thu, 10/19/2017 - 08:49

Why are we unhappy at work?

9 Offices, 5,000 Miles, 20 Hiring Managers and Counting …

Thu, 10/19/2017 - 07:47

This year I decided to try something new. I wanted to meet as many hiring managers and see as many offices as I could. Why? Because while I think it’s important to make a connection with your client(s) via phone call, Skype, and email, I also believe that true and lasting relationships start with the oldest form of business etiquette … a handshake and a smile.

Hacking Crime Ends in Jail Time for Job Board Founder

Wed, 10/18/2017 - 22:23

In August of 2010, DHI Group, owners of job boards like Dice, ClearanceJobs, and eFinancialCareers acquired a company called Rigzone, a job site specializing in the energy industry. At the time, company head Scot Melland said, “The acquisition of Rigzone extends our capabilities and strengthens our position in the highly attractive energy vertical.”

Your High Performers Are Watching How You Treat Low Performers

Wed, 10/18/2017 - 12:30

One of the most important environmental factors affecting employee performance is the performance levels of their coworkers.

Sourcing Tools 101: Back to the Strategy

Wed, 10/18/2017 - 11:00

The landscape of sourcing and recruiting tools is crowded, and growing every day. It’s tough to keep up with new changes, and even tougher to decide what tool will actually work best for you. Everyone works differently, too, so there’s rarely a true one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why it’s important to develop your own strategy for selecting the best tools for yourself and your team.

Insights On Culture From Pioneers and Leaders

Wed, 10/18/2017 - 10:45

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. said, “A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.” So, when an opportunity presents itself to learn from those who have repeatedly and successfully managed the culture journey, it’s imperative to take the leap.

HR Is Not Your Henchman

Wed, 10/18/2017 - 08:40

Whose fault is it that when employees interact with HR it’s to fill out forms or because they screwed up?

Blue Collar Blues: Recruiting Manufacturing Workers

Wed, 10/18/2017 - 07:42

Manufacturing in America is huge. Over the last 20 years manufacturing output has increased by almost 40 percent, and the annual value of production by U.S. factories has reached a record $2.4 trillion. And the trend continues upward. Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn recently announced plans to build a massive manufacturing plant in Wisconsin that may eventually employ over 13,000 workers. But the company may struggle to find the talent it needs to staff up the facility. It’s estimated that the U.S. will need to fill 3.5 million manufacturing jobs over the next decade, but 2 million of these may remain unfilled due to a skills gap and other factors.

We’ve Come a Long Way – A Stacy Zapar #SourceCon Austin Keynote Review

Tue, 10/17/2017 - 14:00

When Stacy Zapar of Tenfold & The Talent Agency took the stage at the tenth anniversary of SourceCon, I could tell something special was about to go down in Austin. Zapar has been there and done that. With years of experience under her belt, and a leader in the industry, her nuggets of wisdom and a view of how sourcing has evolved since 2007 was both eye-opening and encouraging.

How HR Leaders In SMBs Can Make the Shift From Tactical to Strategic

Tue, 10/17/2017 - 12:39

Many HR practitioners who find themselves working in small or medium-sized companies share a common frustration. They complain that their time is spent playing interference between faulty management practices and disgruntled or entitled employees or pitching in and helping with superfluous administrative and office management functions; neither which drive the employment brand or foster employee engagement.