Ad Ops

Online Display Advertising Trafficking Skills Across Various Platforms

  • Appnexus (DSP)
  • TubeMogul (Video Display/Pre Roll DSP)
  • Videology  (Video Display/Pre Roll DSP)
  • BrightRoll (Video Display/Pre Roll DSP)
  • BidManager formerly InviteMedia (DSP)
  • Google Ad Exchange (DSP/Ad Network)
  • RightMedia (DSP/Ad Network)
  • OpenX (Ad Network)
  • AdTech Helios (Ad Server)

Online Display Advertising Optimization

  • Click Through Rate Optimization
  • Cost Per Action/Acquisition Optimization
  • Cost Per View Optimization
  • Video Completion Rate Optimization
  • Contextual & Audience Targeting Reach Optimization

Ad Operations, Account Management & Sales Team Training

  • Onboarding Documentation
  • Sales Decks (Editting)
  • Training Documentation

Margin & Cost Analysis

  • Finding best performing inventory and delivery options to meet margin goals
  • Running cost analysis to verify if a campaign is profitable
  • Optimizing towards delivery/cost

3Rd Party Application Ad Verification Services Expertize

  • Peer39
  • ComScore vCE
  • MOAT
  • DoubleVerify